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Long-Term Rentals

Looking For Your Next Rental Home?

Whether for work, play or a combination of the two, we are proud to present a variety of properties carefully selected with long-term rental needs in mind, across the great state of NH.

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Interested in listing your property as a potential long-term rental but worry about the hassle or horror stories you’ve heard from property owners or mom and pop landlords?

Choose Stay-NH and let us handle every aspect of renting your home, long-term, including screening and placing renters to handling maintenance requests and upkeep. Ultimately, asset protection is our number one priority and we will truly treat your home as though it were ours.

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“Stay-NH took the hassle out of listing and renting our multifamily property”

Tommy L. | April 22

Robust Tenant Screening, Tenant Placement, and Tenant Retention

Successful landlords start with the right tenants.

When you want to earn more rent and protect the condition of your asset, you need to place the right resident in your home. You need tenants who:

Pay rent on time.

Maintain the property and have pride of ownership.

Follow the lease terms.

After our tenant screening process, you’ll enjoy a resident who respects your property and your relationship. For you as an owner, being responsive to you is a top priority.

We pride ourselves on quick response times and rapid resolutions to any issues for our clients and tenants. Our system centralizes all communications so that our entire staff is able to respond, rather than residents or owners having to worry about trying to reach one specific person to get an issue resolved. In addition, we keep you in the loop with the following:

An online Owner Portal that lets you see your statements, bills, leases, etc. at any time.

Personal contact from our staff on important issues such as evictions, major repairs, etc..

Our thorough screening process includes:

Tenant criminal background checks
Tenant eviction checks
Gathering of landlord references
Employment and income verification



As a homegrown team that lives and works here in NH, we know who we can — and do — trust with our own property needs. That’s why, if the toilet suddenly leaks or the HVAC goes on the fritz, we don’t waste time wondering who to call. Your own renter portal can be used to submit maintenance requests when they arise. We simply look to our trusted network and get the job done.


You don’t need to field calls about AC issues or a baseball through a window; renters through Stay-NH are equipped with their own renters portal and can easily get in touch with us so we can handle any issue or request that crops up. We will update you, of course, but the responsibility of fixing the problem will never fall on your shoulders.

Make Stay-NH your partner for your long-term rental.