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Your Simple, Seamless, Trusted Vacation Home Management Partner

So, why list your vacation property with us?

As avid travelers, busy parents and business owners who are local to the area ourselves, our goal at Stay-NH is to ensure that you and yours feel comfortable, carefree and confident you’re in good hands while your rental property is on our watch. With a chapter book of service offerings and a personable, professional team fit for only the finest homes and homeowners in the Lakes Region, no stress or extra responsibilities are to be covered by you. Our relationship’s anticipated outcome is not only for all of your renters to drive home saying “Wow, I can’t wait to Stay in NH again” but to leave YOU driving more revenue home along with the same feeling of happiness you have when taking the first sip of a margarita in the summertime.

Here’s What You Get with Stay-NH

A Premier Guest Experience

We want your guests to love your home as much as you do… and as much as we do. Our team ensures a simple, seamless and trusted experience from the first steps of booking all the way to check-out. The families at your home are sure to leave positive reviews helping to secure repeat bookings, more profit and security for you, and more experience for the teams we are so thankful to employ. If you are familiar with rental booking apps and like to check in on other guests’ reviews, you will be happy to know that we proudly maintain both the “Super Host” verification on Airbnb and the “Premier Host” status on VRBO.

You Only Need One Home Care Team

Our local teams truly are the experts you need to provide the vacation of a lifetime for families staying in your home. At Stay-NH, everyone you work with lives in the beautiful Lake Region themselves, so it will be nearly impossible to find someone else on earth who could know this area better. Both your visitors, and you, can sleep sound knowing that your home is taken care of in every way possible. We take care of your home like it is our own with no project too big or small; We conduct regular inspections, suggest maintenance needs, and guarantee you will not need to call anyone else.

Verified Marketing

Our efforts into strategic marketing and advertising campaigns guarantee your property is available for all vacation goers to see. We know marketing your home is one of the most important parts of our job… and we promise we yield fantastic results. Every single property we manage is listed on all top rated booking sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Expedia Group and more! We also post to smaller sites and use carefully crafted SEO strategies to drive traffic to our website, where renters will find all of the information they need, which has proven successful in driving confident business.

Monetary Trust

With over 40 years of real estate experience, we use our extensive knowledge, experience, marketing skills, powerful technology, and a personal flair to attract the perfect renters. This means more valuable families in your home, resulting in more money in your pocket. You will be left with nothing but trust that you can spend your new profits when you decide you need it.

Housekeeping That Shines

Housekeeping does not just mean leaving a home to sparkle and shine… To Stay-NH, it means also leaving personalized, handwritten notes and well placed local flares for your guests to feel welcome and in good hands. Not only will they ensure your home is always guest-ready… but as the last people to step out of your home before the renters check in, it is their responsibility to set all of the final, magic touches that will leave the renters never wanting to leave.

Technology + Damage Protection

Your vacation home is possibly the biggest investment you own and we treat it as such. Never second guess who is staying at your home again with every renter needing to submit advanced ID screening and fraud prevention before entering your home. If that wasn’t enough, our smart lock program enhances the importance of everyone’s safety, truly modernizing the guest’s experience and instills trust in all involved.

To Forget Hidden Fees

We are vacation rental owners too, so we understand the fear of finding hidden fees behind the curtain of property management companies. We put in the hard work necessary to increase your revenue because we ALL benefit from it; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Our Golden Rule is to always have your best interests at heart… We just happen to increase your revenue along the way.

A Powerful Owner Portal

Put power and trust in your hands with software that creates transparency and comfort. The advanced technology inside of our Owner Portal lets you view your own rental income, monthly statements, and even allows you to run reports for any of your properties at any time. You will see everything that the Stay-NH Teams see on our side of the scope and we think this service is one of the most powerful, as you certainly will feel the bond of a seamless partnership.

All Rates Managed

Our expert team knows all the tricks to adjusting nightly rates accordingly by way of research hours and regular (sometimes daily) monitored reporting. You may not believe it yet, but your occupancy and revenue is just as important to us as it is to you. We are sure to practice the use of smart tools such as “Dynamic Pricing” which knows all of the hottest times of the year and adjusts your pricing automatically so your return on investment is maximized.

The Dirty Work

Collection and remittance of rental income, cleaning expenses, city and NH state Meals & Lodging Taxes, oh my! In addition to communicating with other agencies required for your property, there may be more than just this list of daunting tasks… And we will take care of them all simply so you don’t have to.

Friendships… Not Just Business Partners

We do not run business like some of those other businesses; We prefer recognizing our homeowners on a first name basis as if they are neighbors of our own. Our purpose when we started Stay-NH was about building lasting, mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships with our owners, who just so happen to be investors. You’re not just a number to us; you’re a smart and important friend of the family.

Monthly Pay

We ensure your owner payments are on a normal monthly schedule and completely hassle-free. All you have to do is login to your Owner Portal or bank account by the 15th of the month, to see that your owner payments are reported and deposited directly into your bank account… Simple, seamless, trusted.

Instant Booking

Instant booking is a win-win for you as the homeowner, us as the property managers and booking agents, but mostly the guests who are interested in convenience (which is all of them!) Proven to attract more rentals than booking agencies that do not, including the service of “Instant Booking” is a sure fire way to put the renter (your investor) in the driver seat so they can get the confidence and convenience they love. The renters aren’t the only ones who benefit from this popular option as listing sites favor properties with instant booking… Giving back to the homeowners, one booking after another.

Same Day Bookings & Turnovers

Our state of the art technology, including up-to-date calendars and “Instant Booking”, truly allows the maximum amount of rental stays you could ever imagine before. Have you ever felt stuck because your home needed a day or two before the next guest could check in? Not anymore. Forget about the stress of “No Vacancy” or canceled cleaning companies again… With Stay-NH, as one guest checks out, another can check in within just a matter of hours, your home sparkling magically clean and like new.

Bare Minimum Rates & Fees

At Stay-NH, our current rates are simply a percentage of gross rents. At no additional fee to you EVER, that rate covers everything from renter communication, booking, troubleshooting, background checks, renter’s insurance, services coordination (handyman, cleanings, etc) and listing on all rental management sites like Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Expedia Group, Google , our own direct booking site and soon to be “LakeWinnipesaukee.com”. That is correct; we list your property on all of these channels with NO ADDITIONAL FEES TO YOU. Regularly, just one of these sites can cost up to 20% of your gross rent WITHOUT all of the additional services.

Make Stay-NH your Simple, Seamless, Trusted Vacation Rental Management Partner for the friendship of a lifetime. We WANT to help write your story and we are ready to flip to the first page as soon as you are.