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Our Process

We believe in seamless processes that keep things simple for prospective renters and our property owners.

Your Trusted Vacation Rental Management Partner

We believe you should be able to share the value, freedom and pride of your home with travelers from around the world. We also believe this should be done responsibly, with the best interests of owners, guests and neighbors in mind.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring your property is not “just another home to rent”, but rather a unique experience that attracts clients again and again. Our team is local to the area, and with their knowledge and use of powerful technology, we work to drive more revenue for you, while delivering the highest standards of service for every home, every stay, every time.

With Stay-NH You'll Get:

More Revenue

Leveraging our combined 40 years in the real estate industry we leverage our knowledge, marketing, technology and personal touch to attract the right type of renter and facilitating an experience second to none. This in turn generates a higher return on revenue for you and your family and allows you the flexibility to utilize that revenue in a way that fits your needs, when you need it.

Better Home Care + Housekeeping

Our expert, local teams know everything about our destinations because they Are Locals! Our team looks out for your home, conducting regular inspections and make maintenance suggestions to keep your home at its finest. From simple repairs to major renovations we have the capacity to handle it all. In addition, our trained housekeepers carry out consistent cleaning measures after each stay, so your home will always be 100% guest-ready. Their attention to detail and personalized touch evoke that special feeling you get as if you are walking into a magical residence. From hand written welcomes, to well placed local flares, we work together with our owners to give a special representation of what it means to be a Stay-NH client.

A Premier Guest Experience

Our goal is for your guests to experience the warmth of your home, while our people are there to provide a seamless experience from booking to check-out.
This premier guest experience leads to repeat bookings, positive reviews and more revenue for our owners.  We maintain a Super Host status on AirBNB as well as Premier Host status on VRBO platforms

Technology + Damage Protection

Your vacation home is perhaps your biggest investment, so we use sophisticated ID screening and fraud prevention technologies to catch bad guests before they can stay at your home.  Our technology and processes – including our smart lock program – gets more safety for your home, and a modern experience for you and your guests.

No Hidden Fees

We are vacation rental owners, too, so after experiencing hidden and unnecessary fees from other management companies, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Simply put, we make money by making you MORE money! We don’t shy away from putting in the hard work that it takes to increase revenue. We have both the guest’s and our partner’s best interest in mind- always!

Tax Reporting

We handle the collection and remittance of rental income, cleaning expenses, city and NH state Meals & Lodging Taxes, etc. We also facilitate tax reporting to the appropriate agencies so you do not have to worry about it.

Rates Management

Tasked with compiling data from various channels, along with productivity reports, our team can determine the best nightly rates for yielding the highest occupancy and revenue for each property. Rates are monitored regularly and can change daily when and if the need arises. We also use something called “dynamic pricing”, which monitors and automatically adjusts pricing for events such as holiday weekends, local events,  and known travel dates

Owner Portal

The software we use to aid in the management of your investment offers an online Owner’s Portal. This comprehensive tool can be utilized to view rental income, monthly statements and run reports for any properties that you own. We believe in being transparent with our partners, and our owner portal effortlessly provides the transparency our partners desire.

Owner Relationships

We respect our owners and never want them to feel like they’re just a number (we know that feeling and it’s not how we do business!). We prefer to think of you as our partner, and like every good partnership, we are here to set you up for success – after all, we can’t succeed unless you do, too! Every member of our team knows who each of our owners is, what properties they have and can call them by name (even if you can’t do the same with us)! Our purpose when we decided to start this business was, and continues to be, building long-lasting, lucrative and pleasant relationships with our owners and investors.

Monthly Payments

Owner payments are deposited directly to your bank via ACH transfer on a monthly cadence. All monthly statements are emailed and available for review in the owner portal no later than the 15th of the following month.


We put great effort into our strategic marketing and advertising campaigns, which yields great results. Each property we manage is listed on multiple booking sites; including our website, Airbnb, VRBO and Booking.com Expedia Group, and more! We utilize smaller sites and SEO factors to drive business to our website where guests have access to tons of helpful information that has proven successful in aiding them in making confident decisions about their booking needs.

Instant Booking

While this is also a guest service, it is a huge perk to owners, too! Listing sites show favoritism to properties with instant booking capabilities. By allowing this function, our listings consistently receive greater traffic. Guests also love being able to book instantly instead of having to wait for a response on whether or not the property is available, so our properties stand out and get booked more often than those that do not have an instant booking process. It also appeals to the large number of last-minute reservations that are common on listing sites.

Same Day Bookings & Turnovers

Our flawlessly up-to-date calendar along with allowing instant bookings grants guests the ability to schedule a same day reservation. We have found that by offering the option for same day booking we’re able to capitalize on vacancies. This is yet another way that we are able to utilize our attention to detail and amazing customer service to help maximize your rental revenue!! In addition to same day bookings, we also ensure same day turnovers too! There is no downtime or delay in cleaning – your rental will be sparkling clean and ready for the next guest to enjoy within 5-6 hours after check-out. All without compromising on the integrity of the cleanliness and charm that is a staple of our appeal!

Rates & Fees

Our current rates are a percentage of gross rents. Within this fee is the complete management of the rental process. We handle the renter communication, booking, troubleshooting, background checks, renter insurance, services coordination (cleaner, handyman etc), and we list on AirBnB, Vrbo/Homeaway, booking.com, Google, our own direct booking site, and soon Lakewinnipesaukee.com. We showcase your home across all of these channels with no additional fee to you. Just one of these booking sites can cost up to 20% and they do not perform the many other services we do to ensure the property runs smoothly.

Make Stay-NH your one-stop destination for unforgettable experiences.

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